Access Photo EXIF data

Is it possible to read a Photo EXIF metadata when a photo is uploaded?

I am wanting to pull EXIF data from a photo and make API calls to display location on a map and display weather data the day/time it was taken. I see another unanswered question asking about external API calls that is unanswered so any info on this as well would be helpful, thanks.

I did a quick search and didn’t find any questions related to photo exif data.

Thanks all.

I would approach this in Airtable first (after uploading photos via Softr forms - or others - into an Airtable record)
There is an existing tool to help with the data extraction. There are others too.
Once the data is extracted and in Airtable, you can move on to displaying it using Softr.
Although this doesn’t address your mention of using API calls, it still might be worth you giving it quick trial to see what possibilities there might be to achieving what you are aiming for.