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Hi Softrs, I’m Carlos, ex-VC-funded-startup-founder, ex-VP of Product of a hyper growing AI scale-up, ex-PM of the fastest growing product company in Oceania, ex C++ and Java dev, ex-Technical Lead, ex Engineering Manager… but above all, indie and nocoder.

Despite all this experience, to this day, I struggle every time a kickoff a new project. I have launched about 15 products/projects, some with code, but most recently, with nocode tools. I have built products on Webflow, Bubble, Softr, Airtable, Notion… and tried out many more.

One thing I always get stuck on, even for weeks, is choosing the right set of tools to develop my project on. I’d spend days researching and testing. And even once I made up my mind, I’d still doubt my choices constantly throughout the project. Sometimes I have even switched stack well into development, and a few others, this constant insecurity actually kill the project, by slowing it down to the point of not return.

But why? What’s the problem?

Many reasons:

  • It might be that the tool is too comprehensive and it take weeks to learn before producing anything meaningful.
  • It might be that the tool’s features are too constrained to deliver the experience you need.
  • Sometimes is their pricing structure that doesn’t fit your business model.
  • Or that they’re too young with limited features, or mature but stagnant.
  • Sometimes what it seems easy and fast, becomes complex and slow because all the integrations you need. Each new integration is a new tool learn, to test, to debug, another pricing plan… and overall more complexity to deal with.
    …and the list goes on.

The fact that the ecosystem is exploding it doesn’t help neither…

So how do we solve it?

By answering WhichNocodeTool should I use to build a . We answer that question in the best possible way (other than gptChat), by sharing curated, real nocode creations and the details of the tools they’ve been built on.

So nocoders can cut through marketing blurb and learn by themselves what exactly can be built with each tool, or a combination of tools.

  • As a user you’ll be able to browse similar creations to the one you are planning to build.
  • Learnt about the real cost of running that stack
  • Understand the time it takes to build something workable
  • Hear from the makers themselves what worked well, what didn’t work at all and what the would do different if they could start all over again.

In summary, **made up your mind in a couple of hours about the right tools for your creation, and never look back, just build :building_construction:. **

That’s our goal, if we achieve that, we win!

Where is WhichNocodeTool at?

It’s life! A bit empty though :disappointed:. We need your help. Please have a look, and if you’ve got a working creation live, please share it with the community. Link to the form here

I know filling forms up is painful, just think of it as giving back to the community. That is what this is about, sharing your learnings so those coming behind commit less mistakes and go faster. Together will make this community more efficient.

What’s next?

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive and concise directory of tools and curated real nocode creations on the web.

Sober, not blurb, just actionable data that helps make decisions. Just help nocoders make one of the hardest decisions when starting out. So they can move faster and start building.

So that’s what we’ll do, one tool at a time, one new creation at a time.

Keep pushing everybody