Ability to customize 'empty state' on a list detail block

I am trying to switch from stacker.app to softr. One big limitation is the conditional viewing of fields.

As a way around I want to build a bunch of different list details blocks and have them show is the conditions of the record match XYZ. But it is not allowing me to customize the empty state - theres no ability.

Eg: I don’t want it to show the user there is no records found, because the missing block is only applicable when the record matches specific conditions. It’s impossible to build multiple pages for the variations I would need.

The ideal situation would be customizable visibility of data fields otherwise next best at least allow the empty state to be removed from list blocks

Hey @calista.green,

There is a temporary solution for now, please add this code to Page Settings > Custom Code > Header area. Please make sure to replace the block ID.

window.addEventListener('get-record-list-details1', (e) => { if (!e.detail.id) { document.getElementById('list-details1').classList.add('d-none'); } }); 

Hi Suzie, thank you for this. I cannot see how I find the ID of the block? Is it the name of the block eg: “list-details3” ?

@calista.green This where you get the block id

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