Ability to create quizzes for e-learning?

I know Softr publishes education and e-learning templates and has a post about creating an e-learning website, but is there a way to build quizzes and check for understanding? I can’t find any “blocks” that could be used for it. I’m sure it could be done with a form and some automations - just want to make sure I’m not missing something that would be more plug and play.

Hey @theworkshop, can you please describe in short which kind of quizzes you want to build?

I can advise you to use tally.so forms for your quizzes and custom logic needs; a versatile tool that integrates very well with airtable.

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We’re just looking for the ability to create multiple choice and true/false questions.

thank you acjnas - I’ll look into it

+1 for Tally

I was wondering how you could automate the creation of form tally from an airtable base and integrate it into softr by an embed code injected by a rich text. you could generate quizzes very quickly from Airtable! I leave the floor to the genius of the community :stuck_out_tongue:

Tally Forms has the ability to write form responses directly into airtable. I know that’s not what you were asking for, though.

I don’t think that creating a tally form automatically from airtable data is the right thing to optimize for. Part of the art of writing good surveys and quizzes is to tweak the questions and answers carefully, with thought to interactions between questions, and defaults for answers. I think it’s better for a human to do this, and I think the people who made tally forms must have been aware of this too, given how much work they put into human factors in their form builder.

we are not understood, imagine an Airtable interface in which you enter quizzes very easily, the intelligence of the human behind the keyboard is exercised just as much as by writing the questionnaires directly on the Tally site, afterwards thanks to softr you easily deploy dozens of quizzes