Ability to change the logo of the Download Button (PWA)

As the clients who have access to the PWA feature are not paying the cheapest plan, it would be great to let them change the icon image displayed in the download button.
For what they pay => they expect it.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-08 181646

That’s it!



Hi @matthieu_chateau, thanks a lot for your suggestion. Noted and added to our feature requests list.

Bringing this to the top again. May we please restore the ability to swap out this download button image? The icon with the Softr purple and inflated white border is not on-brand with any of our apps, and it also takes up a large portion of the screen when on a mobile device.

If it is not possible to go back to the days where we could swap the image, perhaps we can do one of these instead?

  1. The easiest solution… Softr change the color, or size, or shape to something more universal (i.e. not a purple circle with a thick white border). How about just a white cloud download icon with a drop shadow on a transparent background?

  2. Allow us to change the colors, or size, or shape.

  3. Provide us with a way to access a dynamic “Download” link that we can then code ourselves.

Thank you!

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I agree, specifically for solution 2. (colors AND size customization) => Kind reminder that this option is available for business plans => they pay a certain amount for this.