A Starting Point on Custom CSS


I’ve been using Softr for the last few years, and I’ve used this community as an invaluable resource. Thank you!

I’m wanting to find a starting point for custom css utilization in Softr. I’ve been able to use many of the code snippets that have been posted, but I’d love to find a resource to better understand custom css in terms of Softr. I know I need to do the heavy lifting of better understanding CSS in general, but it seems there are basics for using the code in softr that I’m not quite understanding.

For example, how do we reference block ids in custom css code? Does code go in the header or the footer code? When deciding to make custom CSS updates to a block, how is that block referenced in the code?

I’m not looking for someone to give me all of these answers, I would just love a direction, website, link to a resource here, or other outside resources that could help me better understand how I can leverage custom code for my clients. Thank you!