A request of a casual Softr's webinar

Dear Miriam and Artur,

Being one of Softr’s early adopters and supporters, I am impressed by its rapid development and the growing number of optional features, which you provided within such a short time frame for end-users to implement.

As a nonprofessional programmer, I tend to think that my comment can represent many others who join this growing community and find Softr the ultimate and easy platform to implement their own desired applications.

Recently, there have been a number of updates, especially from Artur, that include JS codes and are likely to significantly enhance the presentation and functionality of Softr’s application.

It even inspired me to take a beginner’s course in JS, but I still found it difficult to incorporate such suggestions into my applications.

So… it would be great if once or twice a month, preferably one of you or one of your team members set up a webinar or record a video explaining some of the “tips and tricks” for Softr users who have only basic coding experience.

Thanks again for this great tool which allows everyone to create web applications in such a short time and in an easy manner.

Avi Haviv


Thanks Avi, great suggestion! @Lizzie_LaCour and I have monthly cadence of events planned and we will make some of them technical to cover more in depth JS, Security and technical topics.