A few newbie questions

Hello all

I have been using Softr intensively for the past day - having abandoned it previously to make do with native Airtable. I would really like to get a nice front end for my data. I have tried so many solutions - but nothing seems to cut it.

I keep coming up against some issues - so am hoping someone can help?

  • I believe this feature is coming - but would really like to have a dropdown menu pre-populated with the choices from Airtable (two way sync)
  • As above - but for linked records. Would love a dropdown menu to be pre-populated with the key field from a linked table (again - I think this is in the pipeline)
  • This one I would have thought would be easier - but when in a list details page, how do I add a button to go back to the list page (or even a button to add an entry)? At the moment, I add a CTA block and delete everything apart from the button. I must be missing something?! I could put it in the header, but I don’t want it on every page.
  • Can’t find out how to add a breadcrumb - suspect that’s not possible.
  • Is it possible to adjust the widths of the columns in a table? I have searched and searched but can’t find out how to do it.
  • Don’t think this is possible - but I would like to be able to put 2 x blocks side by side. Seems as if you can only add blocks on vertically

My final one is a biggie, and I have given up hope on it (and posted in the forum previously) - but the ability to group records in a list / table would seal the deal for me. Not possible at the moment (Best work around I can figure out is to add multiple blocks, filtered by each group - but that is rubbish)

I am still on the trial (Softr kindly reactivated it) - so trying to find the best solution to what I need.


You are kind of describing what softr would look like by the middle of this year.

However, by the time these features are live, you could expect a raise in the pricing plans scheme, so consider keeping your account alive to lock the current pricing plans.