2FA for my own softr account


I am looking to secure my own softr account (not that of my users in my softr site) by activating double authentication, I do not see this parameter on my softr account especially in the security section, any idea to resolve ? Not sure it’s a feature request, maybe a problem located between the screen and the keyboard :sweat_smile:


The native Softr username/password method of authentication does not support 2FA. However, if you set up the “Google Sign In” integration, then Google accounts with 2FA enabled will authenticate to Softr with 2FA.

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Thanks for your help @dcoletta :slight_smile:

Dear @lea, just to let you know, we consider having it in the future.

Ok thanks, fundamental in my opinion for any high-stakes website as softr.io


I quite agree @lea. One of the big drawbacks with the Google Sign In workaround is that there’s no way to require those accounts to use 2FA. So for a site where all users employing 2FA is a requirement, there’s no solution.

@dcoletta But we agree that we are talking here about our own softr account? the one that gives me access to the studio? this is the one i want to secure

Aha! I totally misunderstood what you were talking about, even though I see now that you made it very clear in your original post. Sorry about that - I need to read more closely. :-/

Unfortunately I think we are stuck waiting for Softr to address this.

I’ll just add that I hope that when Softr adds 2FA to the studio login, there’s an option to disable SMS as a 2FA method. Because SMS as a second factor is not secure, adding 2FA without the ability to disable SMS is not very helpful.