2-way sync overwriting Name field in Airtable

I have 2-way sync enabled on my Softr app connected to Airtable as the back-end. I have a unique use-case in that my primary user creation flow is via Signin with Email, so no Name field is specified in Softr when the user is created. The Softr Name field is linked to an Airtable field that is updated after initial user creation. Most of the time the Name value specified in the Airtable field propagates to the Softr Name field. However, I am encountering what I believe is a race condition in some cases when I believe a user’s Last Seen Date gets updated in Airtable by Softr before the Name value has synced from Airtable to Softr, in which case Softr also overwrites the existing Name value in Airtable with the blank value in Softr (see screenshot).
Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 10.52.55 AM

This is an interesting scenario let us check and see if we can replicate