2 user tables in Airtable for 1 softer app

Hey everyone
I have one workspace on Softr and I sync it to my Airtable sheet. On Airtable, I have 2 user tables : one for the company and the other one for my customer. They are all user of my app but I cannot sync both on them. It seems like Softr only allow one table. Do you have any advice/solution please?
Thank you in advance!


If there is a special reason to keep both user types in separate tables, then you need to make a third table and put in there every user that needs to be authenticated by softr because there is only one source of truth allowed in Softr Studio.

Hello ! Thank you so much for your answer! Just in case, do you have any advice on how to make a third table with all my users (automatically) ?
thank you !

Hey @seren thanks a lot for reaching out, one option would be to use Airtable automations to combine the 2 tables’ content into a third table by creating 2 automations for each of your 2 tables, then use the the “When a record enters a view” trigger and create record as an action and set the target (third Softr users table)
When triggered, both would have an action of taking the information from the newly created record in either table and then creating a new record with that information in a third separate table.
Hope this helps, also you can find more details here