2-sided Freelance Marketplace - looking for guidance


I’ve started to build out an early version MVP for a 2-sided freelance marketplace. It’s called pocketpros and is specialising in HubSpot: matching businesses using HubSpot with freelance HubSpot experts.

Problem I’m encountering is how to set this up correctly with Airtable for everything to connect. I try to look at the Freelance templates on Softr however I can’t quite match them up to what I am looking for as they seem to only show log-in areas and profiles for 1 side of a marketplace and no guidance on how to automate the backend to make it all work automatically.

The below is an outline:

Airtable structure - 1 Base, 4 tables

  • User Table: information on all Users of the platform - a mix of Freelancers and Clients (I want there to be a different sign-up form for each on the website, but if needed it can be 1)

  • Freelancer Table: additional information held on the freelancer that would populate their freelance profile (automatically linked to their User row in the User Table after initial sign-up)

  • Client Table: additional information held on the Client (linked to their User row in the User Table)

  • Projects Table: information and all details about a client project (linked to the Client in the Client Table and linked to the Freelancer who is hired for the job in the Freelancer Table)

I’m a little unsure of how to automate the links between the tables - i.e after a freelancer signs up I would redirect them to populate their profile which I would need to make sure from there the tables in Airtable are linked)

Also what else needs to be linked or captured in the Airtable tables that are a must when creating a freelancer marketplace.

The Freelance Marketplace as an MVP would work as this for now:

  • List item Client signs-up and creates a profile to log in and have access to see all freelancers and create individual projects

  • Freelance signs-up and creates their profile

  • Clients can create projects and connect with freelancers on the platform - invite them to it or email them to discuss their interest

  • Freelancers can see projects created by Clients (if they choose for it to be seen on the platform) and apply/show their interest in the project if not already picked by the client

  • Once a Client has posted a project & chosen their freelancer chosen this is auto linked in Airtable

  • Once the project has been delivered and the client approves the final work, a way to pay using Stripe, X to Freelancer and X% commission to the platform.

  • For now Freelancers won’t be Listing Service Packages such as Web Design for £100 like the current Softr Marketplace Examples, but this might come in the future. It will be driven by Clients posting specific projects.

Would really appreciate to connect with someone who can provide some guidance on the Airtable connections and automating this all, and guidance on creating this in Softr - if it’s possible.

Thanks for reading and hope to speak to you all soon.

hey matt, i’m a marketplace builder myself. latest one i’m working on is a private chef marketplace. reach out to me at [sushaneyeoh@gmail.com]. happy to chat more about configuring your airtable backend.

Does this include 2 separate log-in areas? I am looking to build this for Clients & Freelancers, each would have their own log-in process and different profiles that they would update.

yup you can have 2 different log in flows. i combined mine (diners and chefs) because i decided to do the user grouping part one step after the log in instead of at the log in

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