Why airtable datasource changed a lot even though I did not change

Hi, Ive been building platform with Softr.
There is one serious problem.
I fixed my data source from airtable. And when I make a new base of airtable, then suddenly all of my pages’ data source also changed their data source. So, I have to change them again and again and it makes me bothers a lot.
I don’t know why.
It’s like this

  • When I firstly fixed my airtable, then its name is like “Datasource #1
  • Then I make a new base of airtable.
  • Then suddenly Datasource #1 became #2.
  • So I have to adjust them and all pages too.

Do you know why? And is there any good way to solve this problem?

@tomi not sure I follow what’s the issue. Can you do a small video and show what’s happening ?

Sorry, I already cleared all of airtable integration. Now I’ve been trying to re-integrate with airtable, but I failed again and again. I’ve already cleared so that means I think I already revoke(=canceled) integration with airtable and softr. But I don’t know why I can not re-integrate with airtable.


@tomi Airtable has limitations of 20 connections/re-auth please check this https://support.airtable.com/docs/third-party-integrations-via-oauth-overview#limitations

And we found and fixed naming issue

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Thanks a lot @artur . I solved the problem.