Whatsapp Chat to cart

Hi Everyone. My name is Tomás and I’m from Argentina. I’m having some troubles trying to develop a Catalog for a restaurant that allows me to send all the things that my client decided to buy by a whatsapp message (Chat to to cart). The problema I have is that I do not know how to devolp these shopping cart to send via Whatsapp.

Could it be possible?

Sorry if my engilsh is not good enough. Hopefully I could express my idea.


Hola Tomas :wave: If you want to develop a shopping cart so that your users can select different products/services and pay for them all together, then, as we do not have such a feature in Softr, you will need to follow the steps shown in this video tutorial to build it: How to Build a No-Code eCommerce Store Using Softr & Stripe (with Cart & Checkout) | Part 1 - YouTube

Concerning using Whatsapp to make purchases through your app, I need to have some more details on how you want to use Whatsapp for this purpose to be bale to help you!