What's next for the Softr Community?

As our community keeps growing, we want to make sure we’re giving you the resources and support you need to make the most of your Softr creations. We’re keen to understand how you’d like to be engaged more within our community and we’d like to hear it from you!

Please take a moment to participate in our poll below. Pick the Top 3 activities you’d like to see in the Softr Community:

  • Deep-dive Workshops
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Live Build Sessions
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Peer Reviews & Feedback Sessions
  • Guest Expert Sessions
  • Community Showcase
  • Collaborative Build Projects
  • Dedicated Q&A Sessions
  • Other (Please specify in the comments)

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Your input plays a crucial role in shaping our community initiatives – and above all, we want everyone to have access to the good stuff and have a great time. Can’t wait to see where we take this community next!


I believe there is a need for the community to be aware of the upcoming big features, I remember all the excitement we had waiting for version one of action buttons and some other features like 2-way user sync, and the templates market. but right now we are almost trying to guess what will be the next big thing, which I believe will have to do with a better user experience inside softr studio aimed to style our apps faster.

Checking the official road map looks sort of outdated and it confuses me.

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Absolutely! I appreciate your excitement for our upcoming features. We’re actively working to make the roadmap clearer. We are also launching initiatives that have the community more in involved having a peek at – maybe even try – what’s to come :eyes:

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+1 for getting the community involved.

Features like the two-way sync didn’t quite work as expected, and I’m nervous about implementing it given how some community members had to have their two-way sync solutions unpicked by support. Getting community members (perhaps for the “insiders”) doing some early testing would be very reassuring and can help Softr as community advocates for what’s new.

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Thanks for the feedback, Paul! We definitely want the larger community involved more, not just the insiders. We’ve recently opened up early access to test a new data source. We’ll have more of this in the near future!

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This is great, I just asked for additional info in terms of upcoming roadmap items so I’m happy to hear something is already in the works!

@acjnas @nocodeking Other than release dates, what kind of info would be helpful for you to see on the roadmap for things in progress?

I think priorities or phases would be really helpful.

For example, I know I have a requirement of 2 factor authentication before I can turn my app over to my users in production. I’ve asked for it before and have been told it’s “on the roadmap”; however, it doesn’t show up on the roadmap page and a timeframe was never communicated on it so I have no way to actually plan for my app’s release date.

Knowing that it’s 3rd in the list of roadmap priorities instead of 15 would be really helpful and I would be able to give my user base some info on what’s coming and when to expect it (roughly).

That makes total sense. Thanks for sharing how it affects your customers as well. Business-side perspectives help just as much!

I bet a lot of users are expecting softr news about the recent airtable API calls limitations and if a caching system is planned to prevent hitting those new airtable API limits.


Deep dive by softr on how to set up a temporary workaround for the surprising absence of native email verification upon sign up.
Perhaps also giving clarity about when critical/key functionality is expected to be available, e.g. native email verification upon sign up.

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I think at a high level, there’s a gap that can be closed between Softr and the overall Softr community.

In order to scale up and do it in a sustainable manner with longevity, the community base will need to grow in sync with the Softr platform and feature sets, and the only way to ensure that happens is to bridge the gap with effective communication and a certain level of transparency as well as obtaining input from the community.

The level of agility that Softr is now enabling us with is quite amazing. The fact that I can create a custom application for my organization, while being able to pivot and tailor to our and our client’s needs, without the need for developers and coders, is invaluable.

I’m excited to hear and learn more about the plan for continued growth and new features that are coming up. And hopefully @sisa can help bridge the gap between community needs and the overall platform development lifecycle.

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I’d like to see SOFTR be more accomodating to non European users. Nothing is EVER in my time zone and when you say you’d like to talk you don’t even offer times that suit (or reply).
There is a huge lack of responsiveness to things that need improving. and ever since you changed the slack channel last year that has got worse!

Thanks for sharing, Kate. Time zones are quite tricky. We’ve recently just restarted hosting our webinars with our first being scheduled for the North American audience (although still within reasonable CET timeframes). Personally, I’m on EST so expect more range in timeframes to come.

What would you like to see improved on in the Slack channel?

Hi Hungryp. Here’s an idea for improving external user sign up verification:

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THIS!!! :point_up:
Exactly this. It’s outrageous we are expected to pay for a workaround.