Video URL in List Detail Block

I have an issue in the list detail block where I want to show a youtube video by URL. In the default video field (i.e., the one that comes pre-built into the list detail with video block), the video displays correctly, but when I add a new field that is the “Video” field type the same URL does not work. Here is a live page example (top video is the default video field, the bottom video is the added video field):


Hi @Derek :wave:
The default field of the “List details with video” is the the only field that can showcase a video /photo URL, all the other image/video fields on the List/List Details/Table blocks can showcase the Airtable attachment field only. I will add your message to the feature requests to consider for future improvements.

Meanwhile, in case you have many URLs that you can’t manually convert into attachments in Airtable, please check out these two tutorials that might help:
How to Convert URLs to Attachments in Bulk on Airtable
Automatically convert image URLs to attachments in Airtable

Hope it’s helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the clarification!

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Thank you, I have the same issue. :slight_smile:

@Adzhiba and @Derek have you tried using youtube embed code instead of URL?

Clients are pasting this link, so the YouTube embed link isn’t an option in my case.

@Adzhiba, you could use an extra formula field which creates the embed based on the URL provided

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Thank you, will try it out.