Using Softr as an IdP (identity provider)

I would like to allow a subset of my Softr users to join a community we are building (built on The docs cover using another identity provider (IdP) to log into Softr but I’d like to allow some of my users to join my community. The model would be

  1. Sign up as CloudyHQ user
  2. Apply to join CloudyHQ Community using your softr user account
  3. If approved, you’d be provisioned to be a community member
  4. To log into the community you log into Softr first, however, only approved users can then SSO to the community from Softr. So probably a user group that enables the cross login??

Anyway, if someone has advice about how to use Softr as the IdP that would be great.

Hi @johntreadway, it’s not possible to share credentials and/or login session anywhere else besides the web app itself right now.

As a workaround I’d recommend configuring either Google sign-in, or “Sign in with code”. These will still require to sign in twice, but are smoother and more “seamless” (don’t cause frustration as far as we heard so far) compared to the regular sign up/in with email and password (which also needs password recovery process, etc.).

Hi David - thank you. I don’t understand how either google or secret code sign in helps. I’ll still be requiring people to log into Softr for Softr things but then separately log into Circle for the community. Logging in once to access both systems is what I’m looking for.

Is there any way to use a webhook on login? e.g. if there is a login event I can use as a trigger I might be able to hack it (of get someone to code it for me).

Hi John, yes, those were just workarounds.

There is no way to share the login session, right now. This is a feature request which I have already logged on our end. But I am not sure we’ll implement this as it might bring extra vulnerability points. We care about security.

And I hope you won’t be able to hack the login event :slight_smile: Because… we care about security