Users adding fields to a form?

Hi everyone
New to Softr and loving it - although I’m sure this will be the first of many questions!

Is there a way for a user to be able to add fields to a form? For example, they have a timesheet and want to enter the date/time on one row, and then need to add additional date/time information. Is there a way to achieve that?

I’m using Airtable as my data source.

Thanks in advance!

Hey ! welcome

Not sure if I understand correctly, but you are looking for a form where after you enter info into a field, then a ‘subfield’ is shown to enter further details?

Or have a checkbox on the form, when users click, then expand or show extra fields to enter more info.

If that is the case then you probably have to wait a little more until softr forms can accept conditions, because right now they cant.

You can however extend softr with other third-party form process providers like jotform or fillout

Sorry I wasn’t very clear.

I’ve now looked at Jotform and they call it a ‘configurable list’ on there. I’m not sure how well this can integrate with Airtable and Softr, but I’ll have a look!

But yes…it would be a great feature to have in Softr!