User Profile Block - Some Entries Always Disappear

Hey everyone,

I’m using the User Profile Block to let community members set up their talent page (picture below). They need to update their data there frequently as they change their job search focus.

Many of the fields are a “Multiselect Dropdown”. Unfortunately, I run into a big problem here:

Some of the fields just disappear after the website has been refreshed. 50% of the fields work just fine, they show the user the selections she/he has made and if they change another section, they just click on “update profile” to change it. The other 50% however always disappear after the website has been reloaded or when someone comes back to the profile later on.

If someone now updates one field and presses “update profile”, all these fields delete the original content and insert a space in Airtable. The work around I have right now is to make all fields a required field, but this way, every time someone wants to change one field, they need to fill out all fields again - making it a horrible user experience.

Am I overseeing something obvious here? I’m really desperate to find a solution :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

I will try to do a few checkups regarding your question and will keep you posted.

Can you please DM a magic link to me, this will help to see the what issue you face.


@Suzie finally recorded a Loom video as the issue came up again:

Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

@Suzie I just wanted to follow up on this and see if someone knows why this is happening. It’s a big product constraint for me.

Thank you so much!!

@Suzie I posted about the same issue here, refilling all fields to update profile field is really bad UX, if there is a bug fix, would really appreciate it. thank you so much to the amazin Sftr team!

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

I am so sorry I did not see your replies :frowning:

Thanks for the video, the team is working on an update for the user profile block, I set a reminder to check with them if this will be fixed as well. If not, will make sure to give it a go.

No problem @Suzie :slight_smile:
Is there any timeline already for when the next release is coming, to have a rough idea?

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

I managed to check this with the tech team. We are planning to release an update by the 10th of March. This fixed will be included. I will make sure to keep you posted.

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Thank you so much @Suzie !! :slight_smile:

Hey @Suzie ,
I just wanted to check in on this. Is the update postponed to a later date?
It’s so important for me to get this working :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance!

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

The team is still working on it, I should ask you to wait for some more time, will keep you posted once the update is released.

Hey Suzie,
Thanks for the update! Thanks to the (amazing) action buttons, I have a workaround now.
There is just one problem which still stops it from being perfect, will quickly describe it as it is the same problem as before:

I have two options when I create a multi-select field on an “update record” action:

  1. I synch the field to the data source (Airtable) → Problem: It’s always sorted A-Z which is not great for my purposes.

  2. I don’t synch it and move the values in the order that I need → Problem: The same as described above - the current values are not shown for multi-select fields.

If that final issue gets fixed, it’s amazing!

Thanks so much and have a lovely day!

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Thanks for sharing this @Tim_ClimatEU :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you have found a solution and you liked Action Buttons :slight_smile:

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They’re really a game changer :slight_smile:

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