User Group-Based Page Redirection Block

I would like to propose the development of a new block that enables user group-based page redirection.

Currently, Softr offers a wide range of powerful blocks and features that allow us to create dynamic websites and applications without coding. However, one feature that seems to be missing is the ability to redirect users based on their group membership.

The proposed block would allow us to define specific pages or URLs that users belonging to different groups or roles would be redirected to upon login or when accessing certain sections of our websites.

This would enable us to create personalized experiences for our users, ensuring they are directed to the most relevant content or features based on their group affiliation.

By having this block in our toolbox, we could build membership portals, community platforms, or any application where personalized redirection based on user groups is a requirement. It would also be beneficial for e-commerce websites that offer different pricing, promotions, or exclusive content to specific user groups.

Thanks, Léa


Hi Lea, the redirection rules for user groups can be defined from within the App > Users (left panel) > User Groups tab > Specify page after Sign in:

Does that work in your context?

Thanks, I understand your mention of the option to specify the page after sign-in within the User Groups tab in the App > Users section.

However, the proposed block aims to address a broader need for redirection based on user groups, extending beyond just the sign-in or sign-up process.

The idea is to have the ability to redirect users to specific pages or URLs based on their group membership when they access certain sections of our website, not limited to the initial sign-in/up action.


Thank you for more context Léa! I think I better get it now.

Can you share more if redirecting users from different groups to a target e.g. single page, and this page having dedicated blocks per specific group (with visibility set for a given group per block) would be sufficient? And if not, why it’s not enough?

Can you share real life example of such section of your website from where you’d like to redirect users to different pages?

I’d like to well understand where do we fall short.

This option does seem promising. It would allow us to customize the content and features displayed to users based on their group membership.

There are scenarios where simply customizing the content within a single page may not be sufficient. Let me provide you with a real-life example to illustrate this:

On our website, we have a specific section that is accessible to users who have not yet completed the registration process, pending the validation of a document by our team or because they haven’t uploaded the document. In this case, when users try to access to the tool, it would be beneficial to redirect these users to a dedicated page that contains a form for them to upload the required document. By redirecting them to this specific page, we can guide them through the necessary steps and streamline the process.

Another alternative option, which we currently use in our app, is to duplicate the block with the form on all the pages that users can access. While this ensures that the form is always readily available to users, it may lead to redundancy and clutter within the pages.

I hope this explanation helps to clarify why the proposed block for user group-based page redirection would be beneficial in certain cases.

Hey @lea, thank you for concrete example. I think I have one another approach that could work in your case. If you can easily identify users that did/did not completed registration process, and have this information stored in Airtable, I think you could do the following:

  1. Define more granular groups like:
  • Did not complete registration
  • Did complete registration
  1. Set up user groups based on complete/did not complete user attribute. Read more here: User Groups Based on User Account Details

  2. App > Users (left panel) > User Groups tab > Specify page after Sign in, this time for 2 groups - 2 different pages.

Would that work?

Thanks for this proposal, but I thinks the best option is a new block for softr. It gives more possibility to configurate things for us I think. :+1:

Thanks @lea, I’ve captured your original request to be able to set page redirections depending on the user group.

Thanks Jakub, any ETA for this feature ?

Hey @lea, I know it’s not the information you’re looking for, but I’m afraid this is not prioritised at the moment.