User email view limitation

We developed an app to write subsidized finance projects and business plans with artificial intelligence from user answers to questions. The answer comes from an external form on Airtable, and from there an automation starts that generates the business plan or finance project sections. At this time, it is necessary for the user to enter the email address with which he is registered into the form, so that he can see only his project. Do you think there is a method that allows me to avoid the mandatory entry of the email, given also that in case the address is wrong the user does not see his project?

Hey @Proclama, if you are referring to the Softr app, then, you then use the form block’s hidden fields → Logged-in user email feature: Layout: Customizable Form – Softr Help Docs In this case, the logged-in users will not need to fill in their emails to the form one more time, but you will collect that data automatically.

Hello Marine, yes i saw the Custom forms, i was using Tally because of the better form design (for me), and i was wondering if there could be another method, i already checked out Softr customizable forms. Thank you anyway

If it could be of any help, here’s the solution with

Very useful, thank you

Thank you too for the feedback, indeed, it will be helpful for the community.