User edit from Softr for only specific field of a table


Here is my request :

On a softr page, a connected user could edit information which would modify at the same time a Airtable table. But the user could see only specific column of the Airtable table , and not all the columns of the table.

For example : a jobboard

The candidate is on a page called “personal information” which only concerns his personal information such as “first name” “name” and “phone number”.

In Airtable, one record = one candidate on the table, but each record has maybe 50 columns with a lot of information but with a different nature.

On his page “personal information”, the user should see only the column concerning “first name” “name” and “phone number” , and not everything.

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Right now the best way to do this would be to split the table into two tables, and link the records.

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This is much needed for me as well!

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@Alexbvl that should be the case with almost all new blocks. What block are you using ?

Thank you. I tried but it doesn’t work efficiently , because it is quite complicated to manage after in Airtable. I would like to have one record for one candidate, with every information. I need to create one key (ID) for each record , for each table , it’s quite a mess :slight_smile:

Hello Artur,

I use the block “list details 1”.

If you think it is possible now, could you please contact me ( or organise a quick visio to show me.

If you think it is not possible, do you know when it will be developed ?

@Alexbvl first lets try a DM, can you send me a short loom showing what’s user seeing that should not be visible ?

How can I send you a private message ?
I could not find it on this website

Hi @Alexbvl :slightly_smiling_face: Please check out the workaround here. Would it be helpful for your case?

Thank you, i am goona see this

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I also shared this one via DM Setting up Edit Permissions

You can create user groups and add define which fields are editable