Uploaded Files in Forms - Filename changes


In a form & file question type - when a file is uploaded and submitted via the form, the filename changes to include a series of numbers at the end.

EG. Filename at upload = blue_logo.png

After uploaded, file name = blue_logo_45678913.png

However when I upload it into Airtable directly, the filename does not change. Not sure why this is happening.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @rebeccajane,

This is a normal behaviour, otherwise people might overright each others files.

Hi @suzie. Gotcha. I thought so but wanted to check. It would be great to be able to adjust the file rename code to incorporate our own naming convention. (E.g. Filename + User Name + Date). Is that possible to have?

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll make sure to add this as an improvement, @rebeccajane.