Updates to Org Charts (Organization Charts)

Hello -

In the sea of feature requests already placed, the org chart could use an update.

a) There is an issue (bug) with photo formatting that distorts the image
b) Search functionality?!
b) Ability to click through on an image to see the details of that record
c) Adding optional fields that can be customized for each record
d) default view being a full org chart of a clearer option of expanding the teams

All of this would make the org chart function much more usefully rather than just as an image gallery.

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Hey @SAS_AT,

Thanks for all these details. They will be tested and addressed to the tech team for fix.

Thank you Suzie!

Also, big issue: There seem to be limits to the number of direct reports that show up in both the count and the image tree. It maxes out at 5 for the top and 6 for anything below.

We won’t be able to use the block until that is adjusted. Please let me know any updates!


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Hey @SAS_AT,

All these are feature requests, I will make sure to add all of them.

Thanks for bringing them to our attention.