Unable to login through the login page

Hey there,

some of our users at Treegr have reported an issue with our standard login page (Treegr, transformons l'impact de votre CSE).
The CSS of the login page seems broken, and the Login button is not functional.

The problem as been reported on various browsers (Edge, Chrome)

Addtional informations:

  • No custom code inside the page
  • The last version of my block used in the page was a little old, so I rebuilt it using the latest version of the block available today. I still have the issue.

Any thoughts on this ?

Attached are the Page, sample computer specs and browser informations (it’s in french, sorry :grin:).

Thanks team !


Any feedback on this ? Has anyone experienced the same issue ?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Emmanuel, it seems that CSS files are being blocked. Can you please check the dev console logs and share some findings?

Thanks Artur for your feedback.

Our users does not seem to have the issue anymore, maybe it was related to the cache and the newest version of the block I updated.

Thanks !