Top Image Watermarking APIs for no code apps

Hey Devs :wave:

So, I’ve been digging into this Image Watermarking thing, and I’ve put together a list of some really cool Image Watermarking APIs and who provides them. I took into account stuff like how how customization they provide, the kind of support they offer, input and output formats, and more. (By the way, even though I’m part of one of these providers, I did my best to stay neutral

I think these APIs could be awesome for all those no-code/low-code tools out there since you can just plug 'em in using a REST API Plugin or a connector.

Check out the blog post: TOP IMAGE WATERMARKING APIS

Now, these recommendations are based on my own research and what I’ve seen. Are there any plugins that do the same thing? Have you ever tried out any other providers? I’d love to hear about your experiences with them.