This is just a little bit about who I am

I am a new freelance no-code consultant I don’t have many client but I do have a lot of experience with Airtable but I am new to Softr and I am looking to get as much help as I can.

I have been contracting with GAP Consulting for over a year and I have built up a lot of experience there.

I also have a second business as a math consultant that I have been doing for over 10 years. I started doing no-code to help support this business.

Overall I am here to learn as much as I can to support my consulting business.


Welcome to Softr @Jared ! Great to meet you! We love the GAP Consulting team. Gareth actually has loads of great Softr tutorials on the GAP YouTube channel to check out. Softr: Frontend for Airtable - YouTube

Glad to have you here!

@Lizzie_LaCour Thank you for responding to my topic. I have watched most of the GAP Videos on Softr. The primary issue is that most of the videos on YouTube as well as GAPs videos are related to an older version of Softr. I don’t see any current videos.

Can you recommend anything?

Hi Jared! Gareth has been producing regular videos for us now for months, all of which are up to date so I would check out his newer Softr videos as they are relevant.

Additionally, the Softr youtube also has many up to date videos. I have also been producing regular videos since last November, so the most recent videos shown on our page are relevant. The only one right now that needs to be reworked is Editing Permissions as that just changed on Monday with the release of Action Buttons. I am recording these videos next week. :slight_smile: Softr - YouTube

Yes that is true I am in the process of watching your play list for beginners.

I am thinking of the earlier GAP videos those topics have not been updated that I am aware. I have seen the recent ones.

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