Text is breaking in table

Hi, this text is in a table block. The field in Airtable is a formula field of text. The field in Softr is text. How do I turn this off?


Hi @mscroggin currently it automatically breaks the text to the next line because it is simply too long for one line with that width so we considered moving the whole word to the next line instead but in that case there would be an issue with long urls. So the conclusion was to leave it as it is now especially when the width can be adjusted. I will go ahead and add a feature request in case it will be possible to come up with a better solution.

Text fields should break the text by words and the url field should stay with the current setup (breaking the text).
Up to the Softr users to use the right field.
All my clients are all horrified by this text breaking :sweat_smile:.

@matthieu_chateau Good idea and most likely achievable. I will discuss it with the engineering team to see the possibilities of what we can come up with to cover all the possible scenarios.

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Has this always been the case? This is horribly ugly and as @matthieu_chateau said, his clients are “horrified” by this! It looks incredibly unprofessional. How does Softr recommend using this as a portal when the data is being displayed incorrectly to those using the system?

What is the solution so that we can use the Table Block and use a text field (we have to use a formula because already of a workaround from Softr with quotes/commas) where it is working correctly? @Maria @artur

Maria, width cannot be adjusted. All of the fields in this are formulas because of the way that Softr reads Airtable data. I also cannot shrink the column for my Action button, which was said would be fixed more than two months ago. It seems that when Softr adds features, it’s not tested how it will impact the others. What is your recommendation here, given that I am unable to shrink my other columns? Action buttons are here 🕹 - #84 by danyalamriben

@mscroggin this should be easy to address our team will look into it tomorrow morning

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Thank you for this info @artur - I just want to share that because of this, we were unable to show this to customers today and will not be able to until it’s fixed. This is a business-critical bug that makes us not able to use Softr for its full purpose until it is fixed. Thank you!

@mscroggin can you pls check ?

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Ahhh!! Amazing, thank you so much! That looks much better and we can now show this to customers. Thank you for adjusting this so quickly.

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Thank you @mscroggin for bringing this up and to @artur for fixing it. This was a big issue for us as well, and addressing it just last week. Feels so much better.