Tag format issue on new list block

On the new list block, which utilizes action buttons, the default tag field can only be viewed on the right side of the block. When it is, the text may not fit in the box and spills into the next line (see screenshot).

It also would be nice if action buttons could be on the right side instead of tags. This was possible with the old list block but is not now. While I don’t hate a “Delete” button on the bottom-left of the box, it would be nice to still have a “Read More” button to take users to the list details pages on the right.

No replies here. Any update?

Hey @mb12142329, can you please let me know which list block you are referring to?

Dear @mb12142329, Thank you very much for the clarification. Regarding the text splitting into 2 rows in the tags, please note that there is an option called “Justify” where the tag text can be adjusted based on the tag size. Also, the tag puddings can be changed to make the text fit the tag borders.

You will need to check the tag field settings’ Styles option where you will find all my mentioned options and adjust the tags accordingly.

I see thank you. That is definitely helpful for tags that are carrying over by a character or two.

Dear @mb12142329, you are always welcome!

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