Synchronizing Users with Airtable


How to add a new user -

  • manual, one by one, using Add User in OK
  • bulk import .csv file. OK

When connected to an Airtable table

  • does the initial connection add all users from the table?
  • if so, what is the state of the passwords?
  • the initial connection does NOT sync users in Softr data to airtable. Maybe it should??
  • do additions to the Airtable table also add to Softr users?
  • will Add User in add to the airtable table? I believe YES.
  • removing a user in does NOT remove the corresponding entry in the airtable table
  • does removing a user in the airtable table remove them as users in

What level of synchronization between the airtable and user date is expected/planned?

How to manage a large list of users?

  • With user data in studio

    • how to search for a user/email?
    • once found, how to edit? Or is delete the only option?
    • is there an option to sort the user data? Will there be?
    • sorting might help bulk updates when I can sort and select many users at once
  • With user data in airtable

    • It is easy to sort/filter/select users or groups of users (that’s nice)
    • Editing the airtable data could sync with the studio user data - should it???