Swap Domain / Applications

Hello -

In order to maintain some control over my production application I will usually duplicate it and do my dev on the copy. I can manually apply the same changes back page by page to my production app, but that’s pretty time-consuming and error-prone.

Question - is there an easy way to move a dev app into production (e.g. point my www.domain.com to the dev app and rename it to production)?

BTW - this would be a good feature. Snapshot to prod or something like that…

@johntreadway our preview and published states are in fact 2 different environments. However the datasource (Airtable) is shared. What you work and and preview is different from what you have in published state. However from preview to publish it’s one click :slight_smile:

Re two apps and domain name change should be easily doable you can always change and rotate. similar to blue/green deployments

This works to a point but is not scalable given that there is no granularity on publishing (whole site only). If more than one person is changing things and I want to do a real QA run where I can really navigate (vs. the long URL with code) etc. the preview mode is not feasible.

There’s no revert or change log/history I can go to if I want to back out a bad update.

With the model I am trying to do now I would like to be able to LOCK the production environment to prohibit any edits. Then take a copy, apply changes, test it, then make the copy prod and update the old prod to a copy (or just “copy the copy over to prod”).