Summarise data across records?

Hi - I’m looking to have a block which summarises data across Airtable records in an Airtable table. The use case would be for headline stats on a dashboard type page.

For example, a dynamic block which displays a count of the records with status = PAID. Or a dynamic block which sums a particular field across multiple records.

Is this possible? I can’t seem to find a suitable block. The ‘Summary list block’ is the closest block type I can find, but this only summarises fields within a single record - e.g. add up the quarterly earnings (multiple fields) from a single record, rather than adding Q1 earnings across multiple records.

Anyone know if this is possible? I guess the alternative would have to be to create a new table in Airtable, with a single record that links to all the other records, and this is where the computation is done i.e a field which counts records with a certain status. And then just basically show this record in Softr - but that’s not ideal.

Thanks for any help!

@tom1 Did you ever figure this out? I have the identical use case. I created a View in Airtable which groups the records and calculates the sum for the group, but I can’t see how to pull that into Softr.