Stripe products in Softr

Hi Softr community.

I am trying to integrate Softr with Stripe and I have a question.

I have decided to have three packages for my app - Launch, Grow and Sustain.
Each package will have a monthly and yearly subscription option.
So, that’s six pricings in total.

In Stripe, I can set it up in different ways.

I can create 1 Stripe product with 6 different pricings in it.
I can create 3 Stripe products, one per package, and then 2 pricings in each.

What would the recommendation be?

I’d like to set it up such that my Softr app user would be able to jump (upgrade/downgrade) from one pricing to another within the package (monthly to yearly and vise-a-versa) and to jump (upgrade/downgrade) from one package to another.

Understandably, the pro-rating of remaining dollars has to be accounted for when changing plans and pricing. I think Stripe handles that automatically, but I am not sure if anything special needs to be done in Softr to make that work of if that impacts that one-product vs multi-product decision.

Thank you

@bbelo did you figure out how to do this?

same, curious to know how you solved that