Stop vertical menu from scrolling to the top on click

Hello everyone,

I have a vertical menu on the left side of my website with a rather long list of menu items.

When a user scrolls down the menu and clicks on a menu item, the menu automatically scrolls back to the top (of the menu) when the clicked page is loaded. Is there a way to prevent that such that the user’s last position on the menu (i.e. when they clicked a menu item) is maintained?

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Hi @Gen,

Thank you for sharing your use-case. Unfortunately, for the moment, we do not have an option to maintain the position in the menu after the page is changed or refreshed, and there is no custom code on our end to achieve this either. I’ll make sure to add this to our backlog as a feature request so that it can be considered for improvement in our upcoming releases. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

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Thanks Sveta.