Stepped creation of a record

Hi everyone,

I’m currently immersed in a rather substantial project that involves the intricate creation of records to replace a legacy software, utilizing Airtable as our data source. The challenge lies in the complexity of these records, which users are accustomed to generating using “templates.”

The record consists of three main parts, with two sections containing information derived from a template, which users can then modify for specific cases. The third part is unique to each record, such as the name.

Now, my primary question is whether there’s a method to dynamically populate fields based on user selections of the template. I’m aware that Softr, in its current state, may not directly support this feature, but has anyone successfully implemented a workaround?

Here’s a workaround I’ve come up with:

  1. Add two extra fields to the Airtable record to reference the templates.
  2. During record creation, prompt the user just for the two templates and specific fields.
  3. Create the record in a “deactivated” state.
  4. Use an Airtable automation to copy template content to the new record.
  5. Instruct the user to modify the fields copied from the template and “activate” the record.

While this approach works, my concern is the user instruction part. Is there a way to automatically open the record editor for the newly created record? Essentially, I’m aiming for a smoother creation process, perhaps something similar to a “creation wizard”.

Any insights or alternative approaches would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help.