SOFTR Forms - Sync options with data source - limit to specific view

I have a feeling I might need to put this in the feature request section…

I need to create a drop down form field, and “sync options with data source,” because those options will change a lot, so it has to be dynamic. But I don’t want to pull ALL options from the table, only ones from a specific view. Is that possible?

In case you are wondering why, I’m making a pretty complicated admin portal for a business with 17 locations. Instead of making 17 tables for everything, I figured out I could simplify the database by adding a “location” field to every record that needs it, and simply create filtered views to filter data per location. That way, those 17 location managers can see only the jobs and clients for her location.

I have 17 “add a job” forms, where you select the client that the new job is to be associated with. But since there is only 1 client table, if I check the “Sync options with data source” box, I get ALL clients for all locations. I only want to be able to only sync the clients from a specific VIEW.



Hi @gburkeppc, Indeed, this is a feature request for us. I will add it to the feature requests so the team considers for future improvements.

I need this too, PLEASE!

I want to be able to update a record and add work sessions to a task, and I want to be able to limit the table of work sessions instead of seeing EVERY session in my table. Thank you.