Softr app users' authentication cookie lifespan

Hi. Does anyone have any information about the app users’ authentication cookie lifespan. It seems to currently be at least 24 hours, possibly much longer before it’s required for an app user to reauthenticate. We want to give our clients/app users access to their private information. But 24 hours or longer before requiring re authentication is much too long. Authentication time should be adjustable by the app creator so that users could be required to reauthenticate on a much shorter time period set by the app creator.

Put another way, if a user logs into our app today and does not specifically log out. And they visit the app again tomorrow, they do not have to log in again since their authentication did not expire.

Have I missed these settings somewhere? or if not, in the meantime is this something we could have the support custom set for our apps on the “back end”


Dear @softr_user, indeed, we do not have a feature to allow the app admins to set the app users’ authentication cookie lifespan. Also, once the user logs in to his/her account, he will stay logged in unless he/she manually logs out or clear the browser data. But, I just added your message as a suggestion to our feature requests list to consider adding it to Softr when planning further app improvements!