Sketching Out your softr Website

Just wondering what tools people might be using to sketch out their softr website? Laying out the different pages, connections, visability etc.
I seem to be able to quickly create a ‘rabbit hole’ to disappear into when using the tool because it’s easy and quick. I need to step back and plan what I need away from softr now that I understand what it does and how it works.
What’s everyone using?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I feel you on that one! Scope creep happens so easily especially when building is so accessible.

It helps to define what your core features are going to be and separate your must-haves and nice-to-haves.

It always helps to start on paper or outlining your flow with sticky notes to help define the screens and workflows you’ll need.

If you’re starting building using a Softr template, you could use the HTML to Figma plug-in, pop-in the URL and you’ll have the pages replicated in Figma. From scratch, you drop-in the blocks you want to use first, pop the preview link URL into the plugin, and on Figma you can make notes, switch things around, or even mock-up the images & backgrounds you’d like to use. All the tools are free!

Hope that helps!

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Interesting. Can’t seem to find the HTML to Figma, is that the exact name of the plug-in?

Found it!

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