Single line list view on mobile

Hello All,

I am looking to create a mobile app with listings title and image in the same line (see image below). The standard listing options all have the image and title on a separate line for mobile.

Anyone have suggestions or willing to supply the CSS that will enable this?

Thank you in advance.




Maybe if you put a sample page from your project, someone can have a better look and give you advice on the right selectors to be manipulated, and come closer to your goal.

Try the block “List with horizontal sliding cards” or “List with columnar sliding cards”

Hi Here is a sample page -

In essence, on mobile I get this:

and I would like to get this:

Just to be clear, I know I get this on PC and tablet view but would like the same on mobile.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Let me ask one of our team members to check. I just tested and it seems to be working fine though. Did you fix it ?