Sign Up Not Working?

Anyone else not able to sign up new users? I’ve already entered a few in preview mode before, but for some reason, today I get errors. I got this message and also “Something Went Wrong” messages.


Just realized you only get 5 members on the free and starter plans. I think Softr can allow for a few more so we don’t have to keep deleting members just to test different members and portals over and over again.

I get this error.

Anyone know why?


@aar0n your user connection is using a field called Email, however your airtable currently doesn’t have such a field. When you change field names in DB/Airtable etc you would need to adjust the mapping to make it work

This did not fix it

Hey @aar0n,

Just to make sure we are on the same loop.

Did you edit the Airtable connection and connect the fields again?

After, saved the changes and published the app?

@aar0n can you check all fields ? you fixed the Email one now it’s complaining about Name…

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Thank you this fixed it. I recommend you guys make some visible alert if this happens!

We will be adding error messages to UI very soon


I’ve got the same problem

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-14 um 12.50.17

I checked the connection, too

So what did I do wrong?

Best regards,

Hey @Martin,

Will you please add the website URL?

Field “Nutzer” cannot accept a value because the field is computed.

You are passing value from a front but your data is computing it so it can’t write into

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Thank you very much.
As in the attached picture you can see, that I already assumed that “Nutzer” could be the reason.
Now I checked again if I updated every single page correctly.
And … it works. :hugs: