Sign-in with code on email: option to personalize the email required

Hi Softr team,
To be able to use Softr to build B2B customer-facing MVP, we really require the option to customize/personalize the email body for the email that is sent out by Softr to user sign in.

Block in focus: Sign in with the email code
Reason: Ability to include branding & make the email UI of the same theme as the product. Having HTML editing capabilities would be great to have, which could include editing existing elements and adding new ones.


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Agreed @meenal.malhotra - I also requested this recently, so I could send a custom URL to the sign in page rather than the home page - standard stuff.

I was told it is planned for Q3.

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Hey guys,

Indeed, this is one of frequently asked features and we have this in our plans.

One of our users did a workaround using Make, perhaps you can do some research to make it work now.

If we have an update on this option, I will keep you posted.

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