Sign-in with code on email: option to personalize the email required

Hi Softr team,
To be able to use Softr to build B2B customer-facing MVP, we really require the option to customize/personalize the email body for the email that is sent out by Softr to user sign in.

Block in focus: Sign in with the email code
Reason: Ability to include branding & make the email UI of the same theme as the product. Having HTML editing capabilities would be great to have, which could include editing existing elements and adding new ones.


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Agreed @meenal.malhotra - I also requested this recently, so I could send a custom URL to the sign in page rather than the home page - standard stuff.

I was told it is planned for Q3.

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Hey guys,

Indeed, this is one of frequently asked features and we have this in our plans.

One of our users did a workaround using Make, perhaps you can do some research to make it work now.

If we have an update on this option, I will keep you posted.

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Good to see this is in the works. May be implied in the two requests above, but the email should come from the website URL to ensure the email domain is not blocked by the firm’s email filters, as well for branding and experience.

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