Show users new info since last log in

I am not sure if this exists yet. I did not see it as a conditional filter

I’d like to utilize the summary block to show users any changes to their information since their last log in

Is something like that possible?

Following up with my own thoughts here.

If I can pull the users last log in date from here in Softr into airtable than I could simply compare that date to another date field to get my desired date range filter.

Hey @Cody,

A possible way to have the last login date in Airtable is to export the Users data via CSV file and uploading it into Airtable manually. However, it will not be updated in the future, this means that the workaround you think may not work as expected.

I will add this as a feature request now to discuss on including this in our upcoming updates.

Let me know if you have more questions,