Session Storage in Softr

Hi All,

I am trying to create a checkout process which will require information to be collected on multiple pages and stored in session storage so I can use at the end to create an invoice. Anyone have any experience with adding this in Softr?
For example, I want to store the recordID from the URL into session storage so it is remembered multiple steps down the line.

I have tried a few variations of code but nothing seems to work. My knowledge of JS is fairly limited.


This is a great question.

If I really wanted to implement this using the browser’s storage, I’d use Window.localStorage.

That said, I’d look for almost anything else first. There are a lot of tricky issues with this approach - you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up with bugs where some of the values you retrieve from localStorage are stale or missing.

Have you considered collecting all the information using something like Tally Forms, saving it into an Airtable record, and then reading it back out again when you get to the invoice creation? I think this is the first thing I would try.

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Thank you for getting back to me!

I did look at Local storage but thought Session would be better since I only need the info to be remembered up until I send it to the webhook. Whereas if im understanding correctly, local storage will persist everytime a person visits my website? I just need the data to be stored until the person makes all the selections and then will be redirected to a stripe invoice. Whereas if they exit, I’d prefer the data be wiped incase they come back and try to place an order again.

My use case is people need to choose a product and then choose a store to pick up that product from. Therefore, I want to store the record ID of the product and then the record ID of the pickup store and then send them to Airtable together to create an Order which contains both ID’s. I tried it with hidden fields but once I open list details for the store, the product recordID is lost.

I am not familiar with Tally forms, will definitely have a look.

Thank you!

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Hey, I built an e-commerce softr app with the help of javascript and local storage,
The only difference is that order details and parameters get sent to WhatsApp number business owner, but you can probably format this URL request to your workflow so all the details get sent somewhere else.

Site is Spanish, please use google translate so you can a have a better look.

@acjnas Wow this is amazing! It is exactly like I was looking for. Will have a look through Thank you!