Search Multiple in Tables?


Today I contact you after having spent a lot of time looking on the forum for a case similar to mine… I found one, but there was no solution.

Details of Airtable tables :

User table
IdUser, Name, email, equipment 1, equipment 2, equipment 3, etc

Maintenance table:
Equipment 1: Name task 1 + detail
Equipment 1 : Name task 2 + detail
Equipment 2 : Name task 1 + detail

User maintenance table:
IdUser, task name 1 + detail + status
IdUser, task name 3 + detail + status

Here is the context:
The user comes to have personalized advice on the maintenance of different elements that he will have informed.
After registering, the user can personalize the different equipment he has.

I want to be able to propose to the user a list of actions (maintenance task) to perform. Once the action has been completed, it should no longer appear in the list of actions to be performed.

Each time I update or add equipment to the user table, I want an entry to be created in the user maintenance table.

Can you help me to do this?

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Your workflow looks doable, but it will require quite a few automations on the airtable side.

Will the visitor ‘equipment’ be a list of predefined options by admin, or user can add new items?

I need to understand how much interaction will the end user have with the app, or the user will be a passive visitor simply checking their maintenance status of his equipment?

Hello, thank you for your answer.

The equipment can be chosen by the user in a list predefined by the administrator.

Then if you plan to do this for yourself, a couple of hours reading softr docs, should be enough to start your first prototype.

However, if you want to hire an expert to do it for you, then check out this page Connect with and hire some of the best Softr experts