Rich text field format glitching

I just read the announcement about Rich text field formatting and immediately tried it in my app. Happy to see this new format is indeed available in the Actions. However, as soon as I change the field format to rich text, save and try it out in my preview interface, the input form closes immediately after I click Update Record button, and the whole block disappears from the page.

My corresponding field in Airtable is set to rich text format.

I had to revert back to Long text. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon, I am really looking forward to being able to use rich text format!

Hi @nataliha4, thanks for sharing this. We are looking into it.

Hi Artur,

it is much better now, thanks! But still not without a glitch (attaching a screenshot)

I only chose checkboxes, not bullet points - but it seems like bullet points are quite sticky :slight_smile:

@nataliha4 for the original issue we are having hard time to reproduce can you create a test setup and DM so we can check on your app test page ?

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Hi @artur, maybe we can just have a zoom call and look into it together? That would be much easier. I just checked and the problem is still there.

@nataliha4 To make it faster can you please send a recording ? :slight_smile: