Rendering issue in 'Feature Grid with sections' block

After the React rendering update in the ‘Feature Grid with sections’ block, each section shows up with different width on Mobile browser, based on the text/sentence width. Width should be the same for all sections in the grid (like it shows on desktop browser), otherwise it looks pretty shabby.

Hey @s.matah,

Thanks for the details, I will try to reproduce this and address it to the tech team for fix.

I will keep you posted once having an update on this.

@Suzie Any update on this ?

Hey @s.matah,

This should be fixed I just double checked on my end. Can I please ask you to check on your end as well?

Hi @Suzie - It’s not fixed yet. In the attached screenshot, notice how the section width changes based on text width, leading to a poor overall appearance. This happen only on mobile though. On desktop, all sections are of equal width.

I am sorry for confusion @s.matah, will double check and get back to you.

Hey @s.matah,

Just wanted to let you know that I passed this issue to the team, the team is working on some improvements, we’ll keep you posted once there it’s fixed.