Reload softr page when undelying Airtable data changes


I have an app that shows data is in an Airtable table. Is there a way to show a notification to the user on the app that the underlying data in Airtable has changed and they should refresh the page (or refresh it automatically for them). The reason is there are some calculations that happen in Airtable that might take anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. I tried reloading the page after (say 10 seconds) and it is a hit or miss on whether the backend processing finishes or not. It would be much better if Softr and Airtable do this handshake automatically vs. me guessing.

Thank you in advance for your response

IF you want a push notification on your phone or desktop when an event on airtable occurs, you can try this service:

Thanks for the response.

Sorry, my title for this post was incorrect. All I’m trying to do is to reload the softr page when the underlying Airtable data changes