Redirect after form submission and Make Webhook

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to setup a flow for the user to create a Connect Stripe account.
Everything works fine, the account is created and then Stripe outputs a url that I’m supposed to send the user to in order to finish the onboarding. I’m using Make to do that except the final webhook to redirect the user to this url is not working and nothing happens.

Here is my webhook :

I’ve checked and the url is correct so the problem doesn’t come from it.

I saw some people were using a custom script placed in the header to fix this but for now I don’t want to use the paid version of sofr as I’m just experimenting to see if it fits my needs for my application, so is there any other way to do what I want and redirect the user to this url?

Thanks a lot for your help

@DoubleJack I’m afraid it’s currently only possible via custom code to follow a link that comes via form submission. Why not starting a free trial ?