Profile update block not working

Adding additional fields to the User Accounts block isn’t working properly. It will appear to the user as if they’ve updated their information, but it doesn’t sync to Airtable and when refreshing the page the updates are gone.

EDIT: It’s not saving my mapped fields in studio.

Hey @Jakob,

This is being investigated by our tech guys. Will keep you posted once I have an update.

This should be fixed now, can you please check?

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Phone number field is not working. It’s saving the mapped field in studio now, but not rendering the information from the field on the front end or saving any changes made to it.

I had the same issue. Additionnal field (phone in my case) was not working on signup nor during profile update. After the fix I had to map the additionnal field again in both forms (signup and profile update):


Now it is working.

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This is happening again. Randomly. Softr needs to test these blocks with 6-12 additional fields of multiple field types.

^ I’m having the same issue. Two way sync is not working.

Hey @caggers,

Can I please ask you to add the block again? The newly added block should fix the issue, the team is checking this, hope it will be fixed soon.


User Profile blocks are not working again for new users invited with a magic link. It used to deactivate the Old Password field, but now it requires it and the New Password button does not work. I’ve spent all day trouble shooting this myself, so it would be nice to get a reply here or in chat soon, since invited users cannot log in without a password. I’m on Softr’s Business Plan and chat help has been slow to respond BTW :confused: