Problems with List Details block

I have created a page with List Details from a List page. When I click on something from the List page the List Details come up and for the person who ‘owns’ those details they can edit them. That’s what I want.

However, when I put the List Details page as a link in the Profile of Header so the person owning the details can go straight there to update any details, it goes to the Details List page but it only shows the template! It is not connecting to the ‘user’. This happens after publishing and using the link to the page, not in the ‘preview’ of the page.

So, List Details works great (and is editable) when going to the List page first and clicking on one of the list items. It will not however, go directly to the List Details page and show the users information so that it can be edited.

How is the “On Click” set up on the list block?